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October 2007



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Oct. 27th, 2007

Please, share my umbrella

Ho il ragazzo. Usciamo ieri a la cinema e Il Luogo. Fa mi soddisfatta.

I accidentally set his book down on top of another book that was, unfortunately, damp, which I did not know, and so the back binding on the book a little tattered. At least the pages are in tact. I feel really guilty for it. He let me borrow something and I fucked it up. I told him and apologized, offering to buy him a new book, but he declined and told me just to keep it from further damage. I tell you, dear readers, that I am going to be so cautious with this book from here on out, you would think it was touched by the Gods. Sometimes I feel like everything I touch turns to dust.

I worked at la gelateria this morning from 11:30 to 3:45. I made somewhere between five and ten dollars in tips. I drank several cappuccinos and brewed one for the ride home. I'm quite the barista! We had a couple of new flavors today: black raspberry chip and vanilla yogurt gelato with raspberry swirl (nothing of interest to CJ). I think the black raspberry is fluffy and the gelato is fantastic.

Anyone doing anything entertaining this Halloween? Anyone dressing up? Do tell.

Oct. 23rd, 2007

Scrivo in l'italiano!

This entry inspired by la mia bella ragazza, sensiblemaniac.

Buona sera, i miei ragazzi. Bevo il caffè. Dubito. Amo questa cazone. Ho sonno e, stasera, sono tranquilla. Ho molto gli compiti. Sono molto occupata. Voglio andare in campagna. Voglio andare a Europa. Voglio imparare tutto. Voglio imparare molto le lingue e le letterature straniere. Lavoro a la bibliotecha e ho la lezione d'arte domani. Va bene?

Il fumatore fuma la sigaretta.

Oct. 17th, 2007

If it's not Baroque, why fix it?

How unfortunate! I have just heard word from Jonathan Colegrove that he will not be conducting the Messiah Weekend this year! I anticipate Messiah Weekend all year. Actually, I found out because I had sent Jon a message via Facebook (yes, I do realize how ridiculous that is) requesting that we perform the song "Worthy is the Lamb - Amen" this year. His response started off with, "I hate to be the one to break it to you, but" -heavy sigh- I wonder if I might find another group that is willing to perform Handel's Messiah this winter. December almost feels incomplete without it.

I just realized that this is my first public post on this username. I suppose I should make some sort of introduction... I'm not even going to bother listing any of my previous usernames. This journal, unlike its predecessors, will be a mix of private, public, and friends only entries. Yes, you have reached Megara's livejournal. I'm not in hiding anymore! If you are interested in learning why I chose this specific username, ask.

And now, I have many duties to attend to before the night is through.